Blau Transition

Blau Transition

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Blau Transition is one of the pillars of the underground psytrance scene in Spain. Mastermind of pioneer Transition Festival, he was born in December 1980, and started experiencing electronic music in Scotland around 2004 in the clandestine club scene.

After some trips around the Highlands, he came back to Spain and decided to start the Transition project in Andalucia, organizing the first raves in South West of Spain. In 2006 he moved to Germany to connect with psychedelic trance, and in 2009 he started his own life project managing Transition Festival and Templo Transition, the first dance club in South West of Spain.

The name Blau refers to the modern manifestation of the dark knight, bringing the light into the darkness through his music.
In 2016 he founded Transition Records, and started producing music as a need to express himself beyond the DJ and the parties.
The vission is unifying different electronic genres under a psychedelic concept. His experience along these years behind the mixer guarantees a psychedelic journey through the realms of your consciousness. He is obsessed with bringing the dj concept into the next step, integrating elements of Ableton Live and Maschine into his sets, and that´s how magic happens…


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