India / Bangalore


The man behind the project Braindrop is Sumith Suresh, a versatile music producer and one of India’s most popular exports to the trance world. Organically mechanic and refreshingly psychedelic, from cinematic ambient , smooth, dark progressive to deep night time psytrance, armed with a range of sounds that only a few can deliver, he remains one of the scene’s most gifted and versatile artists.

Since his debut in 2005 he has extensively performed throughout Asia, Europe, North America and South America at various clubs and festivals and continues to do so with a busy touring schedule round the year. Despite this what is impressive is his ethics and hard work in the studio that reflects onto the consistent quality output of his tracks that are constant chart toppers on Beatport.

He is also the owner of Omveda and Occulta Records, two successful imprints with distinct sounds that have made a solid mark on the global psytrance scene.


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