Italy / Rome


Child_OS is an Italian DJ born in Sardinia and based in Rome. He is active part of World People Productions and collaborates with numerous festivals, record labels, festivals and the prestigious Quadra Booking.

The sound of Child_OS has been keeping defining and evolving in his sets, always ranging his soundscapes in twisted and dynamic underground psytrance.

Raised in the industrial/noise scene, he began spinning powernoise and industrial techno at Roman parties in 2006. Moved to the psytrance world shortly after, in 2011 he joined Free Spirit Foundation, the main Roman psytrance organization behind hugely successful international projects such as Shanti! and Kali Yuga. In 2016 he started his adventure in the management of WAO Festival, which lead him to collaborate with numerous organizations and festivals worldwide.

Child_OS has also played as a guest DJ at countless clubs, squats, psy parties and festivals around the world, such as Shanti! (Rome, IT), WAO Festival (Italy), Own Spirit Festival (Spain), Shiva Spirit Festival (Denmark), Human Evolution Festival (Italy), Tribal Village (London, UK), HillTop (Goa, IND) and 7Chakras Festival (Italy).



Agency Quadra Booking

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