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DJ GINO is founder and executive producer of SONICA FESTIVAL. Now a veteran about psychedelic music gatherings, he begins his active participation since 1990, immediately keen on acid-techno frequencies of that age. In 1993 he buys his first desks technics-1200, after having been collecting a large vinyl archive and, getting in touch with local insiders, Gino starts to collaborate for the production of several parties in Italy (Naples, his native land) with famous artists from London and Detroit underground scene. After a pause, gone-by 1996 to 1999, when he’s been traveling throughout the South American as well as the Oriental cultures, Gino comes back to psychedelic scene attending most of the best events around the globe. His dancefloor-driving experience melted with his professional know-how in event management led him to project and create SONICA DANCE FESTIVAL in the year 2005.

Gino plays his natty dj-set in many international festivals and clubs.
His style is an harmonic fusion of psychedelic and cyber frequencies, and his musical research aims to constantly upgrade the worldwide dance music trends. He is usually able to present two different dj-set, for open-air or indoor stages, dynamically shifting clever selections of contemporary acid sounds with pumping and rocking beats.

Gino released Chacruna on December 2008, his first VA Comp. on Echoes Records and on May 2010 he founded Sonica Recordings releasing Sonica VA Comp Vol II on June 2010; Healing Lights VA Compiled by Djane Gaby on May 2012 and Sonica VA Comp Vol III released on Oct 2012.

In September 2015 Gino released another great compilation for celebrating the Sonica’s 10th anniversary, and he’s lately increasing the focus on the label with the production of the last two compilations, “Vesuvius VA” at the end of 2016 and “Psychedelic Minds VA” on December 2017, considered one of the best releases of the whole year by the worldwide trance community.

Gino has several plans over the year 2018, both with Sonica Recordings, for releasing new projects from well known artists and new rising talents, and with the production of the new edition of Sonica Dance Festival at its new stunning venue in the North-east Italy.


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