England / Anjuna Goa


Headworks is a Psytrance Live Act from England/Goa

Rowan Trangmar, the brains behind Headworks has been immersed in the Goa scene since the 80’s, growing up surrounded by tripped out, fluro-spandex wearing hippies falling out of coconut trees, there was never really much hope for him… One thing he did get out of it was witnessing the evolution of Goa Trance into Psy Trance first hand.

Having DJ’d at legendary parties in Goa and international festivals for the last 15 years and heavily involved with the ever growing Shiva Valley
parties, Rowan wanted to take people on his own psychedelic journey with his live act, Headworks. Staying true to his roots and keeping the essence and energy of Goa Trance in his music, but obviously with slightly better production, his music has been described as “super infectious and high energy, which is funky, crunchy and has a underpinning groove that is pure down-and-dirty”.



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