Helber Gun

Helber Gun

Mexico / Switzerland


Jesse Cabrera is from Mexico, living in Europe for a long time now, enthusiastically making music for over 15 years. Influenced by nature and landscapes, his perception of music has slowly transformed from progressive trance into a more mature Psychedelic sound.
When he is on stage his heart beats together with the people and he becomes one of them too.
He created a psytrance project called Helber Gun of which the first incarnation saw a progressive take on music that had many successful releases and collaborations with some of the most respected global psychedelic trance producers.
Recently the project has taken a new and exciting direction, focusing on a faster BPM range with a more solid and psychedelic sound whilst retaining its connection to their audience.
With each passing day the ideas are becoming more complex and intelligent, the Helber Gun has been reloaded and its scope is pointed at delivering massive auditory impact!



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