Miss Tick

Miss Tick

Switzerland / Sion


Originally from the Hip Hop movement, Miss Tick discovered Techno music in 1999. She first started djing Progressive in 2003 and then dived into Techno. Her journey led her to be part of labels like Spin Twist Records, Bus Rec or NBM, and organise many parties like the very famous «Trance Embarquement» nights at the Batofar, making it a must see in the Parisian scene.

She has always been well known for her very precise, tribal, FAT yet glamour djsets that always deliver an intense and driving experience to the public. Important gigs came quickly, like the opening of Ozora Festival in Croatia, Tshitraka in Germany, Subsonic in Australia , Modem Festival in
Croatia, Hadra in France to name a few, bringing her to countries like Israel, Morocco, India…

Fervent activist, committed artist, Miss Tick has been involved into this scene for more than a decade now. The creation of her own label NCTRN Rec (NOCTURNE Rec) in 2018 marks a new page in her adventure, letting her present her favorite music and artists to the world.

She just released a compilation on Perfect stranger’s label : DIGITAL STRUCTURES, the futur is looking great for Miss Tick so be prepared for multiple gigs and releases!


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