Portugal / Lisbon


Jorge Gomes was born in 1976 in Lisbon (PT) and a few years later, from the middle of skulls and bones, Outcast arose!

Outcast started his DJ journey in the early 90’s playing with friends at small private parties. Since then, he travelled along attentively and dedicated to the evolution of music. Exploring a vast range of Psychedelic styles from Techno to Progressive and nowadays PsyTrance.

His main psychedelic influences are Juno Reactor, Hallucinogen, System7, Sven Väth, Hardfloor and Rastaliens… however… Outcast’s unique style is the result of all the genres that he synthesized during his life journey, and this is where things get serious…Punk’s not dead!

Already well known in Portugal, he is steadily adding a string of international events and Festivals to his name.

Conscious and respectful of the dancefloor ritual, he never loses sight of the previous and next DJ playing. Holding space for an ongoing dancefloor story and it’s living organic experiences. A celebration for our souls and life’s psy-philosophie.

Be mesmerized by the multidimensional places that this Outcast soul will take you, with his Deep Punchy Psy deadly DJ sets.



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