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Tania R. started to mix at the young age of 16 in her home town of Guadalajara and was soon DJing around the country. She embarked on her first European tour at the age of 18, during which she had the opportunity to play at festivals such as: Solstice Festival in Holland; Tundra Festival in Lithuania and other events in Switzerland, UK, Denmark and Spain. After this tour she was invited to be label DJ for Bom Shanka Music and a few years after she joined Catalyst Records in the same capacity.

She continued touring in and outside Mexico, always looking for avant-garde sounds to evolve her music style. Nowadays that style could be described as a combination of pure, seriously-psychedelic full on with forest vibes, suitable for any time of night or day.

During the 12 years of Tania’s career she has had the chance to perform for some of the best psytrance dancefloors in the world, including: VooV Experience in Germany; Eclipse Festival in Canada; One Love & Reisefieber in Switzerland; Ometeotl, Ritual & Moonshine Gathering in Mexico; BAT in Argentina; Dimension Festival in New Zealand, Festival Solar in Peru, and many other parties in cities such as: Dubai, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Algarve, Porto, Hamburg, Paris, Lyon, Venice, Amsterdam, Vienna and, of course, almost every city in her homeland Mexico.

As well as a world-class DJ, Tania is also a talented producer and Pollyfonika tracks have been released on labels such as: Samaa; Sangoma; PsynOpticz; Phantasm; Liquid and Mutagen. Pollyfonika tracks have been remixed by: Module Virus; Assimilon; Barak and L.E.O.F. Past collaborations include a side project with Tron called Floating Point. Tania is currently working hard in the studio and has a new project to be announced soon.

In the mean time, as a new representative of the Italian label Blacklite Records, she is working at present on her first VA compilation, to be be released at the beginning of 2019. So far the track list includes music from: Illumination, Ingrained Instincts, Virtual Light, Psysex, Tron, Double Helix, Barak, Nukleall, Endeavour, Kusabi, Paratech with more to be announced.



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