San and Tac

San and Tac

Australia / New Caledonia


Somewhere on planet earth… Meet San, Questioning human in search of answers. Meet Tac, Imaginary monkey with a bunch of addiction and mischievous ways.

A psychedelic duo in constant movement returning to the dancefloor to share their adventures.
The psychedelic trance project of Tristan Guillaume, a.k.a San, a producer from New Caledonia started in 2010.
His style is characterised by deep melodic story with a fun and quirky side, meeting you halfway between Fullon and Australian progressive.

His sound will transport you out of the box with powerful rhythms and deep rollin bass lines..
San and Tac has been touring and releasing internationally since 2012 under Kinematic Records, Pixan, Bowlba, and Sangoma as well.
He has charmed the dancefloors of Earth Frequency (Aus), Maitreya (Aus), Midnight Sun (NW), Dragon Dreaming (Aus), Freqs of Nature (Ger), and grew to become one of the rising psychedelic dance artists of the south pacific scene


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