Brazil / Piracaia


Synchronicity is a significant coincidence between psychic and physical events. They are phenomena such as: thoughts, numbers and intuitions that arise from the unconscious and that leads us to reflect and seek an understanding about coincident events. Fortuity or not, may be considered a delusion of someone who feeds a supernatural expectation of existence, but it can also be the glimpse of a bright mind far ahead of its time. Synkronic is the manifestation of these enigmatic phenomena transformed into a sonorous frequency that allows to induce the understanding and the awakening of the consciousness.

The project is the second creation of the Brazilian music producer, David Caramello, and has existed since 2014. Unlike his other project, Diksha, the Synkronic is a bit slower and has its more codified compositions, glitzy vocals and a single sound. The project is also part of the select group of artists of the Italian label, Looney Moon Records, and is firmly on tour around the world. Countries such as Mexico, France, Croatia, Germany, Portugal and South Africa have already received presentations by the artist.


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